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SDARI Contact Information

   San Diego Association For Rational Inquiry
   Post Office Box 623
   La Jolla, CA 92038-0623

For general SDARI information see other pages of this website, or e-mail:  

Uptown Community Center phone number: (619) 543-9967. They do NOT have any SDARI information.

SDARI Board of Directors and Executive Committee Members

  • - President
  • - Vice President
  • - Treasurer
  • - Secretary/Meetup Editor
  • - Co Program Chair
  • - Co Program Chair

  • - Webmaster

See us on MEETUP.COM

SDARI has a page on MEETUP.

The SDARI YahooGroup Forum and E-Mail List

SDARI has established a YahooGroup, an unmoderated forum for sharing information and distributing special notices such as meeting announcements.

Subscribe to the SDARI YahooGroup
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You may subscribe using the form above, or by sending a blank email to:, or by sending an e-mail message to and indicate that you want to be on the SDARI e-mailing list.

Membership in the SDARI Group is not restricted to SDARI members -- anyone may join. SDARI Group members can read and post messages, either via e-mail or via the Web. Options exist to receive all posts as individual e-mails or as a single daily message ("Digest" mode), to limit group e-mail to Special Notices only, or to receive no e-mail at all (and read the Group on-line as desired).

Visit the Yahoo! Groups SDARI Group Page to read posts on-line. You may change your membership settings on this page also, but you must have registered (free) with Yahoo! Groups to change settings; you will be prompted to register, if necessary.

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