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Rational Inquiry -Volume 6 Number 2

President's Comments

By Keith R. Taylor

As mentioned elsewhere, this month Iím heading to Amherst, NY (near Buffalo) for a CSICOP sponsored conference. The nabobs of skepticism are reaching out to the local groups by inviting a representative from each. We will be able to give our opinions and they are willing to listen. Most of my ideas are contained in a larger article by me in this issue. Upon my return, I will provide a complete report on everything, including Niagara Falls.

Sometimes good things happen just because weíre here and because we do a bit of self promotion. A couple months ago a lady named Barbara Heckler wandered into the community room of La Jolla Village Square, stayed for our meeting, picked up some copies of our newsletter, and invited me to speak to her group. I ended up spending a wonderful couple hours discussing the book Voodoo Science, CSICOP, SDARI, and why we need to be on the lookout for credulous thinking. Barbara and one other member became members on the spot. Best of all, though, rational thinking got another airing. That led to a call from the program chair of a group in Chula Vista. Iíll have another opportunity to do the same thing again. The person who called was filling out an application to join as we spoke. Maybe we could pursue something like this. Do you belong to a group that might be interested in a talk on rational thinking? Iíll be glad to give our side. Perhaps others within our group would like to speak on our behalf also? Let me know.

Your president has been busy, too busy. Your secretary has been busy, too busy. Your treasurer has been busy, too busy. Your newsletter editor has been busy, too busy. We need help. We also will need replacement. I am in my fourth term as president and really need to move out of the way and let someone with new ideas in. I have fierce competition from other things. My wife wants to travel the universe. Iím a columnist for a national newspaper and a freelance writer elsewhere. I have a wowser book sitting in my word files just waiting to astound the American public. I must devote some time to promoting it. Edvard Hemmingsen, like so many "retired" scientists, finds more and more things that need his attention. Our newsletter has competed for his time for six years. I could go through the list, but you get the idea. Even more importantly, SDARI must not become just an organization of just a few. Election of officers is coming up in November. Please check to see if you can help us out.

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