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Rational Inquiry -Volume 6 Number 4

From the Editor

This is the last issue for me as an editor for Rational Inquiry. I have served in this position for six years, since the formation of SDARI. We have in this period covered a wide variety of issues, ranging from the lighter ones of ghosts and UFOs to the more serious ones of health frauds and the intentions of creationists. The material published often have been influenced by my background of pure science. I believe that the rational and logical thinking so strongly embedded in science also is important in all other human activities. That is why we have our brains.

Unfortunately, this is very difficult to convey to the public. Even the greatest communicators of science, rational thinking and reason, such as the late Carl Sagan, have had to face this problem. We observe that young children are curious, inquisitive and basically quite skeptical. But we find that during their education barriers are erected and indoctrinations occur. When adulthood is reached they frequently become enamored by muddle-headed or absurd ideas and irrational thinking.

This trend is not easily changed, especially not over the short term. But organizations such as SDARI are important in stemming the tide of nonsense that inundate some of our media and tax-supported public functions. We have had some modest successes locally so far, but much more needs to be done. This is important, and I intend to continue to be active in our organization and to submit material to the newsletter, for consideration for publication by our new able editor, Karen Graves. I urge other members to do the same; it will make her job much easier. Welcome, Karen.

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