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Rational Inquiry -Volume 7 Number 1

From the Editor

By Karen Graves

Well, it is certainly a daunting task, but so far I have enjoyed it! For the record, I fall under the "Humanist" persuasion of the SDARI overview of members. A former high school English teacher with a background in American literature, my best claim to fame is that I have read lots and lots of books—and I am currently looking for recommendations in history and sociology, if anyone has read any good ones. I’m a little burned out on fiction right now.

I am grateful for the "transition assistance" I have received in surplus from former editor Edvard Hemmingsen and also Barbara Hemmingsen. I lastly promise to find room for any submission by a SDARI member, and welcome your comments on newsletter content (present and future). Please feel free to email your suggestions to . And be sure to visit the SDARI web site—it’s got everything a rational thinker could need on it!

Karen Graves is the new secretary of SDARI.

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