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Rational Inquiry -Volume 7 Number 1

Good Grief!

Previous SDARI speaker David Brin appeared on Art Bellís Coast-to-Coast radio program on the night of January 9-January 10!

What a Relief!

Brin consistently maintained the same scientific and rational stance with which he delighted SDARI last April.

Cover of Kiln People David Brinís latest novel, Kiln People (Tor Books, 2002), was the springboard for a lively conversation between Art Bell and his guest about the perceived dangers and the probable dangers of stem cell research and human cloning. Brin moved from topic to topic, ranging from the art of fiction-writing and the unreasonable choice he sees Americans being forced to make between personal freedom and national security. The last hour was dedicated to the likelihood of intelligent alien, life in the universe, and the likelihood of intelligent aliens coming to Earth to crudely eviscerate cattle and "swirl wheat." As is evident in his science fiction novels, such as the Uplift trilogy, Brin believes that humans (and likely aliens) behave with far more dignity than is commonly attributed to them in modern Roswell lore. Towards the end of the program, Brin and Bell became mutually patronizing towards the viewpoint held by the otheróBrin and Bell may agree on what makes a good novel and the usefulness of increased genetic and stem cell research, but on the subject of UFOs they have completely contrary opinions.

Lest anyone doubts the truth of what I say here, let me assure him that I listened to the entire broadcast. Why was a rational thinker listening to Art Bell the first place? Well...

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