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Rational Inquiry -Volume 7 Number 2

Across the Nation

  • In March, the newsletter for Gateway Skeptics, in St. Louis, ran a reprint of Barbara Hemmingsen’s article "The Odd Claim of the HIV Dissenters: HIV Does Not Cause Aids."

  • The New Mexicans for Science and Reason report that in Ohio, the "Ohio Citizens for Science" are opposing the "watering down of curricula with the usual anti-evolution ‘evidences.’"

  • Reality Check, the publication of The Society for Sensible Explanations in Seattle, Washington, questions the validity of the scientific research behind the publication of the Idaho State University press release titled "Idaho State University Coordinates Analysis of Body Imprint that May Belong to a Sasquatch."

  • Phactum, the newsletter of the Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking, is thrilled to announce the success of the society’s booth in the exhibit hall at the annual convention of the Pennsylvania Science Teachers’ Association. The most common reaction of the science teachers who stopped by was relief: "I’ve been trying to teach my class critical thinking, and had no idea all this stuff was available!"

  • In Cincinnati, Ohio, the Association for Rational Thought hosted a presentation by its member William Tyznick, Ph.D, professor of Animal Science at Ohio State University, about his "adventures in combating nonsensical claims made about food for animals and humans."

  • The Bay Area Skeptics in Castro Valley, California, enjoyed a presentation by former SDARI speaker Joe Nickell, who presented an "historic overview of spiritualism and the rise of the Fox sisters and the Davenport brothers" and who demonstrated the non-supernatural technique of giving a "cold reading" on his audience.

  • Finally, from across the Pacific Ocean, Indian Skeptic, the publication of the Indian CSICOP, laments the intention by the University Grants Commission (UGC) chairman to include the study of Astrology in university textbooks.

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