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Rational Inquiry -Volume 7 Number 2

From the Editor

by Karen Graves

SDARI's winter season of speakers was amazingly diverse. In January, Dr. Ray Ashley of the San Diego Maritime Museum spoke on the partnership between scientific discovery and the developing culture of mercantilism and exploration in Europe. In February, Judge Bob Coates shared his experience tackling the San Diego homelessness tragedy, and offered his suggestions for long-term solutions. Last month SDARI member Mark Perakh critiqued the "Intelligent Design" theory, and gave highlights of his trip to the CSICOP annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

I can only attribute my recent flood of submissions to this variety of topics and speakers. I am thrilled to report that I received more articles than I can publish in one newsletter, and hope that SDARI attendees are equally inspired to contribute by the spring panel of presentations. See our Event Schedule page for an upcoming list of events -- and page 6 (of the paper newsletter) for news from around the country!

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