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Rational Inquiry -Volume 8 Number 1

Going Public

by Kate Simpson

It's time for SDARI to go public and into the streets. Community events such as street fairs and Earth Day fair provide the opportunity for us to entice more people to ask the questions we find quite normal and inform the public that our group asks reasonable questions and expects reasonable answers based on sound evidence. We know that SDARI is a diverse group with collective experiences and education that generates a thought provoking and intellectually inspiring meeting every month. It's no doubt that many of us eagerly anticipate each meeting, knowing we will leave with a bit more knowledge on a given topic and often more questions than we arrived with. A committee (5 or 6 people?) should get us started. Some decisions to be made include but are not limited to: which events to attend, do we want to sell some items (bumper stickers, pins-the website has some interesting items or new suggestions), should we set up a table/booth display that activates a curiosity and a desire to ask questions? We will need a large sign and a box of items with business cards, pamphlets, applications. Please ponder this project and decide if you have some creative ideas and would like to commit to this growth opportunity for SDARI.

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