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Rational Inquiry -Volume 8 Number 1

Does SDARI Need a Newsletter?

by Edvard A. Hemmingsen

Emphatically YES--in my humble opinion. Over the six years during which I served as an editor for Rational Inquiry, I received numerous comments from our members and others about how they appreciated being informed about SDARI's activities, and often enjoyed the many tidbits which we published. Many of our members do not have access to the Internet with its websites or email.

Another factor is that the newsletter has been used for promotional purposes to sign up new members and encourage existing members to renew their memberships, as well as to make the public more aware of SDARI's existence.

But publishing a newsletter requires an editor, and currently we do not have one. Unfortunately, nobody has stepped forward to take on this job. I have offered to prepare a shortened version of the newsletter for the time being, without taking on the editorial responsibility for its content. That is, the material generally will be published as submitted, and without submissions, the newsletter will cease to exist.

What does the editor normally do? It is almost essential that he or she has available a computer with at least a simple publishing program, and a good printer. Access to the Internet is highly desirable. The program of choice so far has been Microsoft Publisher, which is powerful and relatively simple to use. The editor reviews submissions (when they occur), does the editing, writes articles and notes, and collects items from various sources to insert in the "white spaces" which are unavoidable in the preparation of each issue. Finally, the editor makes the arrangements to get the newsletter layout to the printer, and the issues to the mailer. Some time is involved, but it is not formidable-and there is some fun too!

Any volunteers?

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