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Event Archives 2013:

  • June 23, 2013  Rebecca Schwartz on:  Trust me, you're a scientist: Engaging the public in scientific endeavors.

    Citizen science is an integral part of the Conservation Program at San Diego Audubon. In this talk, Rebecca will discuss citizen science as a discipline, including its importance and challenges, as well as describe current and past citizen science programs at San Diego Audubon.

    Rebecca Schwartz is the Conservation Program Manager at San Diego Audubon where she is responsible for conservation projects including adaptive management of endangered species habitat, coastal dune habitat restoration, and environmental advocacy and project scoping. Rebecca holds a BS from UCSD in Ecology and is finishing up an MS in Marine Science from USD. In terms of research, she is interested in investigating ecological processes within both marine and terrestrial systems, understanding how these systems are affected by anthropogenic activities, and applying this understanding towards effective conservation/management decisions.

  • April 28, 2013  Mike Roddy on Global Warming and the U.S. Media.

    The American media has failed to educate the public about rapidly escalating global warming, in spite of a particularly intense year for frightening scientific reports and natural disasters. Price Waterhouse, World Bank, MIT, and many other staid organizations consider the world to be on the threshold of a major emergency. Meanwhile, Media Matters found that there were 1080 stories on broadcast television about the Kardashians in 2011, and 4 about a key climate change side effect, ocean acidification. The main hope for the world's future lies in awakening the American public. It has become clear that newspaper editors and television news managers answer to advertisers, not the public's right to know about key issues. This problem even extended to the Presidential debates, as reporter moderators avoided asking what should have been the most critical question of the election: what does the candidate propose to do about the world's rapidly disintegrating climate?

    Mike Roddy has worked in residential construction and development, including acting as principal, project manager, and lead developer. Has written numerous magazine articles and technical papers; currently writing a book on climate change. Has also testified before the Government Management and Oversight, Interior Appropriations committee of Congress. Has done environmental research for industry, has worked in solar manufacturing, and has managed social housing projects on four continents. Author of a Think Progress article regarding accelerated emissions from China and India.

  • March 25, 2013:  Dr. Samuel Shen Professor of Mathematics and Statistics on A brief history of climate of the United States since 1895

    Dr. Shen is a Professor and former Chairman of Mathematics and Statistics at San Diego State University. He is also a Visiting Research Mathematician at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego.Formerly, Dr. Shen was McCalla Professor of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at the University of Alberta, Canada, and President of the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society. He was awarded the US National Research Council's Senior Fellowship (1999), the honor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Well-known Overseas Chinese Scholar (2001), and Arthur Beaumont Distinguished Service prize from the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society (2012). Dr. Shen helped Alberta government make long-term strategic plans for the oil and water resources management. He successfully convinced the Chinese government to start a 5-year RMB400 billion "Rural Education Project" (2006-2010) that enabled free education for rural children up to the 9th grade.

    Dr. Shen received his B.Sc. degree in Engineering Mechanics in 1982 from the Nanjing University of Sciences and Technology, China, and his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Applied Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1985 and 1987, respectively. Dr. Shen's website is here.

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