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Event Archives 2014:

  • SUNDAY, JANUARY 26, 2014  David Richards on The Supernatural and the Movies.

    This talk examines how movies transitioned in the 20th century from largely rational, reality-driven plots with flesh and blood antagonists, toward malignant supernatural antagonists: ghosts, zombies, werewolves, spirits, or just plain ‘evil.’ Many examples are cited. The trend is traced back to the same transition occurring in European literature centuries earlier. This talk has been given at James Randi’s “The Amaz!ng Meeting” as well as the Center for Inquiry monthly ‘Feed Your Brain’ seminars in Los Angeles and Orange County.

  • SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2014  Dr. Lisa Will on Evolution of the Universe.

    Our February meeting featured a lecture on the origins of the universe by Dr. Lisa Will. Her talk included a discussion of the big bang, dark matter, and inflation. Dr. Will is a physics professor at San Diego City College and the resident astronomer at Reuben H Fleet museum. She received her Ph.D. in physics from Arizona State University in 2000. Her research includes investigation of the nature of dust grains in space and innovations in astronomy education.

  • SUNDAY, MARCH 23, 2014  Magician Jamy Ian Swiss on The Illusion of Psychic Powers.

    Magicians have confounded intelligent observers since before the birth of science; they continue to do so today despite revolutionary changes in science and technology. In his lecture and demonstration on The Illusion of Psychic Powers, magician Jamy Ian Swiss:

    • Reviewed the history of parapsychology
    • Addressed the difference between those who use magic to entertain and those who claim to have paranormal powers
    • Described the basic principles used by both magicians and self-styled "psychics"
    • Demonstrated how these techniques can be used to deceive the public and scientific community alike

    By combining his unique expertise in deception with compelling presentations of apparent mind-reading and other psychic phenomena, he dramatically challenges such academic preconceptions as the suggestion that mere innate intelligence and/or formal education can serve as adequate protection against fraud; illustrates how and why scientists have so often become the defenseless targets of fakery; and demonstrates why the conjuror's specialized expertise in deception is the only adequate defense against such charlatanism.

    About the speaker:

    An acclaimed master of the challenging art of sleight of hand, Jamy Ian Swiss has performed magic throughout the United States for presenters ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the Smithsonian Institution. He has lectured to magicians in 13 countries and made numerous television appearances in the United States, Europe and Japan, including U.S. appearances on CBS 48 Hours, PBS Nova and the PBS documentary The Art of Magic, and Comedy Central.

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