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San Diego Association for Rational Inquiry

Application for Membership

Please check one:

[ ] I hereby apply for (or renew my) a full SDARI membership, including the Rational Inquiry newsletter. My annual dues for $20.00 are enclosed.

[ ] Seniors, Handicapped, and Students (under 22) SDARI membership, including the newsletter. My annual dues of $12.00 are enclosed.

[ ] I hereby subscribe to the Rational Inquiry newsletter only. My $5.00 subscription fee is enclosed.



CITY, STATE, ZIP_______________________________________________

TELEPHONE (DAY)________________________________________________

E-MAIL (optional)______________________________________________

Contributions to SDARI are tax deductable under provisions of 26 USC 501(c)(3).

Personal data above is for SDARI Board of Directors official use only and will not be released to any others.

Mail to:

P.O. Box 623
La Jolla, CA 92038